Ryan McLane

Ryan McLane

Sr. Vice President/Project Manager

As the business partner and son of founder Dale McLane, Ryan was brought up in the plumbing and construction trades since high school. In 1995 Ryan started working as a Journeyman Plumber under Dale’s supervision.  Ryan was then promoted to Job Site Foreman five years later. His responsibilities expanded to maintaining the job schedule and quality control.

Working in the field helped Ryan get the hands on experience needed for a well versed project manager. Ryan was promoted to Director of Operations at McLane Plumbing after eight years of field experience. He maintained his responsibilities of the job schedule and quality control as well as now managing personnel and every other aspect of the contractor/owner interface.

Currently Ryan is Senior Vice President and Senior Project Manager of McLane Plumbing. Ryan’s versatile and diverse skill set is a product of a combination of field experience and management experience allowing him to examine and identify many aspects of any project.


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